Seminole State's campus bookstores stock books and materials for all courses and provide options for lower-cost rentals, used and digital textbooks. The bookstores also carry reference books, extra reading materials, school supplies, computers, College merchandise and miscellaneous items. For student convenience, purchases may also be made by using Seminole State's online bookstore. All information, including each store's hours, is available at on the Bookstore website. Store hours are also posted on the storefronts.

Returns and exchanges of purchases are processed based on bookstore guidelines. Original, current receipts are required. Consumable items such as loose-leaf books and access codes must be sealed in order to obtain a refund.

The bookstore buys back textbooks during their regular store hours. Students will receive the highest buyback rates during the peak period of buyback demand which occurs each term between midterms and finals.

Bookstore FAQs