Career Center

The Career Center is an essential component of Seminole State's Student Affairs Division and seeks to provide opportunities for students to connect with mentors, professionals, recruiters and the community.  The Career Center offers student assistance and resources in the following areas:

Career/Major Exploration

The supportive Career Center staff assists students and alumni with career and professional development activities and individual career coaching at all campus locations. Students have access to career assessments and information about degree programs and career fields. The Career Center provides resources to help students research careers, majors and transfer options. Many of these resources are available on the Career Center website.

Gaining Experience

Handshake - Job Listings

Through Handshake, the Career Center also provides job/internship opportunities, social networking, online mock interview options and career-related information. Job listings come from private employers, non-profits and local, state and federal government agencies.

Internship Program

Seminole State partners with the business community to offer opportunities that are designed to integrate formal academic study with practical work experience.  Through these experiences, students can earn credit(s) toward their degrees or certificates while working full- or part-time in positions related to their academic and career goals. Interns earning college credit/transcript notation are assigned to Seminole State faculty members who help them define goals, develop learning contracts and evaluate outcomes.

Employability Skills Training and Employer Recruiting/Networking Activities

Professional Development

Additionally, the Career Center staff provides training on employability skills, such as networking, resumé writing, cover letters and interviewing.  These skill sessions are scheduled during the fall and spring academic semesters and are available to student organizations and through classroom presentation by completing an outreach request online.

Employer Recruiting/Networking Activities

The Career Center manages on-campus recruiting for employers. To further aid in the transition of Seminole State students into the workforce, the Career Center sponsors career fairs, information sessions and programming that attract businesses, public agencies and community organizations.