Reporting Emergencies and Crimes on Campus

Seminole State College encourages anyone who is the victim of or witness to a crime or any other emergency to promptly report the incident to the Campus Safety and Security Department. All students, employees and visitors should immediately report crimes in progress, medical emergencies or fire by calling security or by calling the appropriate police or fire agencies by dialing 911.

  • Security for all campuses can be reached at 407.708.2178

Individuals may also report crimes that are no longer in progress by contacting any of the campus security offices. Students who are the victims of a crime and wish to file a police report should contact a campus security officer who will arrange for a meeting with the appropriate law enforcement agency. Keep the following in mind to provide as much information as possible to the police:

  • If assaulted, try to provide a good description of the person such as height, weight, hair color, clothing description, mode and direction of travel.
  • If a car is damaged or burglarized, provide the time the student arrived on campus and a description of where the car was parked. Remember, a police report may be required to satisfy insurance company requirements.
  • If personal property is stolen, provide serial and model numbers (if known), a complete description of the object(s), along with any other identifying data to assist in recovery.

An emergency is defined as the illness or injury of an individual while on a Seminole State campus; any disturbance on campus, which, if action were not taken immediately, could result in a serious injury or possible death; or any crime, in progress, that could result in serious injury or possible death.

Seminole State staff members will take appropriate actions to address the situation until emergency personnel arrive on scene. If an ill or injured student elects not to be transported by emergency medical personnel, a Seminole State representative will not transport or arrange for transportation for that student.