Parking and Traffic Regulations

The following regulations were established to provide traffic and parking parameters for vehicles that are operated or parked on Seminole State College campuses and sites. Students who drive vehicles on a College campus or site will be responsible for the proper registration, use and operation of their vehicles in accordance with the traffic and parking regulations set forth by the College.

The College reserves the right to regulate the use of vehicles on its campuses and to take appropriate actions against those who do not comply with the College's regulations. The College is authorized and reserves the right to regulate the use of any of its parking lots for exclusive use by designated groups or individuals.

In addition to the rules and regulations established by the College, all traffic laws of the State of Florida are in effect at all times on all campuses and sites. All students who park in College parking lots must display a current and valid Seminole State parking permit. Students may obtain a parking permit from any campus Business/Cashier's Office and any ID Card Office after completing the online registration process at

  • Blue-lined parking areas - Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) accessible parking only
  • Green-lined parking areas - Visitors only
  • Orange-lined parking areas - Faculty and staff parking (no students at any time)
  • Purple-lined parking areas - Board of Trustees (no students at any time)
  • Red-lined areas - Designated fire lanes and emergency vehicle parking
  • White-lined parking areas - Student Parking

All student parking permits must be permanently affixed to the driver's side rear bumper or rear windshield with the decal number clearly visible. Parking hang tags must be displayed from the rear-view mirror with the permit number facing the windshield.