Emergency Response and Notification System

Seminole State College maintains a comprehensive emergency management plan along with policies and procedures to respond to emergencies. The plan is based on an all-hazards disaster response that complies with FEMA guidelines for higher education that includes planning, mitigation, response and recovery actions. In the event of a significant emergency or situation involving an imminent threat to the health and safety of the campus community, the College uses a multi-layered approach to notify its constituents through the Emergency Notification System:

  • Emergency alert phone system: All Seminole State classrooms and offices are equipped with IP speaker phones that allow the College to broadcast emergency messages as needed. The phone system allows the College to target messages by building or classroom.
  • Seminole State Alert (website): Seminole State Alert serves as the primary source for information updates on Seminole State's website. Using a scrolling message, the alerts will display at the top of most Web pages on the site using a traffic signal color system: green, yellow and red.
  • Email: Depending on the nature and location of an emergency situation, Seminole State may send an email message to students, faculty and staff.
  • News/social media: Updates may be posted in the online The Newsroom, Seminole State's official news home and the College's official social media sites, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
  • Text messaging: Seminole State may use text messaging to provide official notification of a situation that poses an imminent physical threat to the community.
  • Phone: Seminole State will record emergency messages on its Emergency Information Hotline at 407.708.2290.
  • Other: Additional communication may include fliers, alerts on campus TV screens and regular updates for the news media.

For more information on emergencies, please visit the Seminole State Alert home page.