For Summer Term 2022, we are offering in-person, hybrid, remote and online courses.  
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Traditional face-to-face classes held on campus on set days and times. 

Types of Enrollment Appointment Dates and Priority Registration

Registration appointment times (Enrollment Appointment Dates) are assigned to student accounts each term:

 Type 1: Priority registration appointments begin day one of the enrollment period: Students receiving Veteran Affair benefits, and students identified by Disability Support Services, Honors, Student Life, and Athletics.

 Type 2: Standard registration appointments begin day two of the enrollment period: All returning students that are degree seeking.

Type 3: Open registration appointments begin day three of the enrollment period: New students, non-degree, and dual enrollment students.

 Type 4: Special course registration appointments for day one of the academic session: Students auditing a course, using State Employee fee waivers, and students using Senior Citizen waivers.

 Note: Student’s identified as a Military Veteran will receive the earliest priority registration appointment each term.