Attempts Per Course

Florida State Board of Education administrative rules limit the number of times a student may attempt a course. An attempt is defined as: student enrollment in a course(s) after the 100 percent refund deadline (add/drop period) date.

The total attempts limitation does not apply to repeatable courses, such as music, choir and teacher recertification.

Additional Fees for Course Repeats

Effective Fall Term 1997 and thereafter, students enrolled in the same college credit course more than two times must pay fees at 100 percent of the full cost of instruction. Full cost of instruction is equivalent to the tuition fees assessed to non-Florida residents. Upon the third attempt, the student is assessed the full cost of instruction, is not permitted to withdraw and will receive a grade for the course. A fourth attempt may be allowed based on major extenuating circumstances. Should the appeal for a fourth attempt be approved, the grades from the third and fourth attempts will be calculated in the GPA and the full cost of instruction will not be waived per state statute.  This is the last opportunity to complete the course, and if the student should stop attending, a grade of "F" will be assigned.