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Graduate Placement Rates

Latest Placement Rates Available From State Data


Academic ProgramAcademic Plans2018-2019
Percent Placed
Associate ScienceAccounting Technology100%
Associate ScienceArchitectural Engineering Technology 100%
Associate ScienceBusiness Administration96%
Associate ScienceSTEM92%
Associate ScienceComputer Aided Drafting and Design86%
Associate ScienceComputer Programming and Analysis95%
Associate ScienceConstruction Management100%
Associate ScienceCriminal Justice Technology91%
Associate ScienceEarly Childhood Education80%
Associate ScienceEmergency Medical Services100%
Associate ScienceEntrepreneurship and Business Management 100%
Associate ScienceFire Science Technology90%
Associate ScienceHealth Information Technology93%
Associate ScienceInformation Systems Technology98%
Associate ScienceInterior Design Technology97%
Associate ScienceLegal Assistant/Paralegal100%
Associate ScienceDigital Media91%
Associate ScienceDigital Cinema and TV Production 100%
Associate ScienceNursing  R.N.100%
Associate ScienceAdministrative Office Management 100%
Associate SciencePhysical Therapist Assistant91%
Associate ScienceRespiratory Care95%
Associate ScienceSocial Media and Marketing 100%
Associate Applied Science Automotive Engineering Technology85%
Technical Certificate Accounting Applications95%
Technical Certificate Accounting Operations100%
Technical Certificate Accounting Specialist100%
Technical Certificate Advanced Computer-Aided Design Technical86%
Technical Certificate Associate Project Management 100%
Technical Certificate Automotive Maintenance and Light Repair94%
Technical Certificate Automotive Technician92%
Technical Certificate Building Construction Technology 97%
Technical Certificate Business Operations98%
Technical Certificate Business Specialist98%
Technical Certificate Child Care Center Management Specialization85%
Technical Certificate Computer Programming100%
Technical Certificate Computer Programming Specialist100%
Technical Certificate Computer Repair and Installation94%
Technical Certificate Computer-Aided Design97%
Technical Certificate Criminal Justice Law Enforcement Leadership
Technical Certificate Criminal Justice Technology Specialist91%
Technical Certificate Digital and Interactive Media Design93%
Technical Certificate Digital Media, Digital Media/Multimedia Production100%
Technical Certificate Digital Media, Graphic Design Production Certificate100%
Technical Certificate Digital Media, Graphic Design Support Certificate86%
Technical Certificate Digital Media/Multimedia Web Production
Technical Certificate Digital Video Fundamentals100%
Technical Certificate Early Childhood Education Infant/Toddler Specialization95%
Technical Certificate Early Childhood Education Preschool Specialization76%
Technical Certificate Early Childhood Education, Early Intervention Specialist100%
Technical Certificate Educational Assisting100%
Technical Certificate Emergency Medical Technician (EMT)86%
Technical Certificate Entrepreneurship100%
Technical Certificate Entrepreneurship Operations 100%
Technical Certificate Financial Operations 100%
Technical Certificate Financial Operations Specialist100%
Technical Certificate Fire Officer Supervisor100%
Technical Certificate Global Business93%
Technical Certificate Homeland Security Professional88%
Technical Certificate Human Resources Administrator100%
Technical Certificate Information Technology Analysis84%
Technical Certificate Instructional Design92%
Technical Certificate IP Communications 100%
Technical Certificate IT Client Specialist94%
Technical Certificate Kitchen and Bath Design100%
Technical Certificate Lab Science Certificate89%
Technical Certificate Management93%
Technical Certificate Marketing93%
Technical Certificate Medical Information Coder/Biller85%
Technical Certificate Network Infrastructure92%
Technical Certificate Network Server Administration 75%
Technical Certificate Network Support Technician91%
Technical Certificate Office Management100%
Technical Certificate Office Specialist100%
Technical Certificate Office Support100%
Technical Certificate Paramedic Technology100%
Technical Certificate Pharmacy Technician100%
Technical Certificate Residential Staging Specialist93%
Technical Certificate Small Business Management93%
Technical Certificate Social Media and Web Applications 80%
Technical Certificate Supply Chain Management100%
Technical Certificate SustainabilityN/A
Technical Certificate Video Editing and Post Production 100%
Technical Certificate Virtualization 92%
Technical Certificate Web Development100%
Career Certificate Air Conditioning, Refrigeration and Heating  Technology 191%
Career Certificate Automotive Service Technology88%
Career Certificate Correctional Officer
Career Certificate Construction Apprenticeship - Electricity 100%
Career Certificate Crossover From Correctional Officer To Law Enforcement Officer93%
Career Certificate Electrician Helper 75%
Career Certificate Fire Academy85%
Career Certificate Fire Academy/EMT Combined84%
Career Certificate Fire Sprinkler System Technology100%
Career Certificate Florida Law Enforcement Academy88%
Career Certificate Plumbing Technology100%
Career Certificate Welding Technology50%

Notes: This list represents outcomes for students who completed academic plans during the 2018-2019 year. Academic plans that did not have completers during 2018-2019 are not listed. Academic plans not active as of the printing of this catalog are not listed. Placement percentages are based on the number of students in the placement pool for each academic plan. The placement pool includes students found by the state placement system. Placement is defined as working in a degree-related field, continuing postsecondary education, or serving in the military.