For Spring Term 2022, we are offering in-person, hybrid, remote and online courses.  
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Traditional face-to-face classes held on campus on set days and times. Currently, masks/cloth face coverings and other precautions are strongly recommended.

General Education Core Courses

General Education Core Courses

Seminole State College's Associate in Arts students entering the Florida College System as FTIC in 2015-2016 and thereafter, must complete at least one identified core course in each section as part of the State of Florida general education course requirements. All public postsecondary educational institutions shall accept these courses as meeting general education core course requirements. The remaining general education course requirements shall be identified by each institution.

SectionState Core Course Options
CommunicationENC 1101/ENC 1101H

ARH 1000

HUM 2020/HUM 2020H

LIT 2000

MUL 2010/MUL 2010H

PHI 2010/PHI 2010H

THE 2000

Social Science & History

AMH 2020/AMH 2020H

ANT 2000

ECO 2013/ECO 2013H

POS 2041/POS 2041H

PSY 2012/PSY 2012H

SYG 2000/SYG 2000H

Natural Science

AST 1002

BSC 1005/BSC 1005H

BSC 1005C

BSC 1085 (Not offered at Seminole State College of Florida)

BSC 2010C

CHM 1020/CHM 1020H/CHM 1020C

CHM 2045C/CHM 2045CH

ESC 1000

EVR 1001/EVR 1001H/EVR 1001C

PHY 1020

PHY 1053C

PHY 2048C/PHY 2048CH


MAC 1105

MAC 2311/MAC 2311H

MGF 1106

MGF 1107

STA 2023/STA 2023H