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Sexual Predators or Offenders

Federal and state law requires a person designated as a "sexual predator or offender" to register with the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE).

FDLE is required to notify the local law enforcement agency where the registrant resides, attends or is employed by an institution of higher learning. The local law enforcement agency is then required to notify the appropriate educational institution.

The College denies admission/enrollment to students who are officially designated as sexual predators/sexual offenders. If an academic term has already begun at the time the College received notification of offender status, the student's admission will be denied and an administrative withdrawal and refund for fees paid for the term in progress will be processed. The student may also receive credit for required textbooks purchased for classes from which the student has withdrawn. All requests for textbook refunds must be received before the end of the term of withdrawal. For further information, including appeals, refer to College Procedure 1.3000.

Information regarding sexual predators or offenders may be obtained from the local law enforcement agency with jurisdiction for the particular campus or by calling the FDLE hotline at 888.FL.PREDATOR (888.357.7332) or by visiting the FDLE website.

For questions or additional information regarding this notice, contact the director of security at 407.708.2492, room J-010 (building J) on the Sanford/Lake Mary Campus.