Seminole State College offers scholarships through the Institution and the Seminole State College Foundation.  

Institutional scholarships are awarded based on criteria established by Seminole State College. However, some scholarships may require students to complete a FAFSA in addition to submitting other required documentation. Awards must be coordinated with other types of available financial assistance and may reduce eligibility for other federal or state need-based aid. Private scholarships are awarded based on criteria established by private donors, organizations, and agencies. The General Scholarship application procedures are available on our Scholarship Webpage or Foundation for Seminole State College.

State of Florida Scholarships (such as the Florida Bright Futures Scholarship) are based on the Florida Department of Education guidelines and funding levels. For more scholarships and information about the application process and eligibility requirements, visit the Office of Student Financial Aid (OSFA)/Florida Student Scholarships & Grant Programs.

Talent Grants and Scholarships are awarded to selected students based on specified criteria. Recipients are selected through an audition or other demonstration of talent.