For Summer Term 2021, we are offering in-person, hybrid, remote and online courses.  
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Course Prefixes

ABX Adult Basic Education
ACG Accounting: General
ACR HVACR: Heating/Ventilation/AC/Refrigeration
AER Automotive Mechanics
AHS Adult High School
AMH American History
AML American Literature
ANT Anthropology
APA Applied Accounting
ARC Architecture
ARE Art Education
ARH Art History
ART Art 
ASH Asian History
ASL American Sign Language
AST Astronomy
BCA Building Construction Apprenticeship
BCN Building Construction
BCT Building Construction Trades
BCV Building Construction Vocational
BOT Botany
BSC Biological Sciences
BUL Business Law
CAP Computer Application Development
Comparative Psychology
Criminology and Criminal Justice
CDA Computer Design and Architecture
CEN Computer Engineering
CET Computer Engineering Technology
CGS Computer General Studies
CHD Child Development
CHI Chinese
CHM Chemistry
CIS Computer Science and Information Systems
CJC Corrections
CJD Criminal Justice Development
CJE Law Enforcement
CJJ Juvenile Justice
CJK Criminal Justice Academy
CJL Criminal Justice Law and Process
CLP Clinical Psychology
CNT Computer Networks
COP Computer Programming
COT Computing Theory
CPO Comparative Politics
CRW Creative Writing
CTS Computer Technology and Skills
DAA Dance
DEP Developmental Psychology
DIG Digital and Interactive Media Design
DSC Domestic Security
EAP English for Academic Purposes
ECO Economics
ECP Healthcare Economics
EDE Education: Elementary
EDF Education: Foundations and Policy Studies
EDG Education: General
EDP Educational Psychology
EEC Education: Early Childhood
EER Electrical/Electronics Repair
EET Electronic Engineering Technology
EEX Care of Exceptional Children
EGN Engineering General
EGS Engineering Support
EME Education: Technology and Media
EML Engineering: Mechanical
EMS Emergency Medical Services
EMT EMT Emergency Medical Training
ENC English Composition
ENG English - General
ENL English Literature
ENT Entrepreneurship
EPI Educator Prep Institute
ESC Earth Science
ESL English for Speakers of Other Languages
ETC Engineering Technology: Civil
ETD Engineering Technology: Drafting
ETG Engineering Technology: General
ETI Engineering Technology: Industrial
ETM Engineering Technology: Mechnaical
ETP Engineering Technology: Power
ETS Engineering Technology : Speciality
EUH European History
EVR Environmental Studies
FFP Fire Fighting and Protection
FIL Film
FIN Finance
FIR Fire Fighting
FOL Foreign and Biblical Languages
FRE French
FSS Food Service Systems
GEA Geography: Regional Areas
GEB General Business
GED General Education Development
GEO Geography: Systematic
GER German
GEY Gerontology
GIS Geography Information Science
GLY Geology
GRA Graphic Arts
HEV Home Economics Vocational
HFT Hospitality Management
HIM Health Information Management
HIS General History and Historiography
HLP Health and Wellness
HPS History and Philosophy of Science
HSA Health Services Administration
HSC Health Sciences
HUM Humanities
HUN Human Nutrition
IDH Interdisciplinary Honors
IDS Interdisciplinary Studies
IND Interior Design
INP Industrial and Applied Psychology
INR International Relations
ISC Interdisciplinary Sciences
ISM Information Systems Management
ISS Interdisciplinary Social Sciences
ITA Italian Language
JOU Journalism
JPN Japanese
LAH Latin American History
LAT Latin 
LDR Leadership Studies
LEO Criminal Justice (CWE)
LIS Library and Information Studies
LIT Literature
LNW Latin Literature
MAC Mathematics: Calculus and Precalculus
MAE Mathematics Education
MAN Management
MAP Mathematics Applied
MAR Marketing
MAS Mathematics - Algebraic Structures
MAT Mathematics
MCB Microbiology
MET Meteorology
MGF Mathematics
MHF Mathematics History and Foundation
MKA Marketing Applications
MMC Mass Media Communication
MNA Management: Applied
MSL Military Science and Leadership
MTB Mathematics: Technical and Business
MUE Music Education
MUH Music History/Musicology
MUL Music Literature
MUN Music Ensembles
MUS Music
MUT Music: Theory
MVK Applied Music: Music Keyboard
MVP Music - Percussion
MVS Applied Music: Strings
MVV Music: Voice
MVW Applied Music: Woodwinds
NSP Nursing Special
NUR Nursing
OCB Biological Oceanography
OCE General Oceanography
OST Office Systems Technology
PAD Public Administration
PAX Peace Studies
PCO Psychology for Counseling
PEL Physical Education
PEM Physical Conditioning
PEO Physical Education: Object Centered
PET Physical Education Theory
PGY Photography
PHI Philosophy
PHY Physics
PHT Physical Therapy
PLA Paralegal/Legal Assistant/Legal Administration
PMT Precision Metals Technology
POS Political Science
POT Political Theory
PPE Personality Psychology
PSC Physical Sciences
PSY Psychology
PTN Pharmacy Technician
PUP Public Policy
PUR Public Relations
QMB Business Mathematics
REA Reading
RED Reading Education
REL Religions
RET Respiratory Care
RMI Risk Management and Insurance
RTV Radio-Television
RUS Russian
SBM Small Business Management
SLS Student Life Skills
SPC Speech Communication
SPN Spanish Language
SPW Spanish Literature
STA Statistics
SUR Surveying
SYG Sociology
SYP Social Processes
TAX Taxation
THE Theatre
TPA Theatre Production and Administration
TPP Theatre Acting and Directing
TRA Transportation and Logistics
TSL Education: Teaching English
WOH World History