Approved Catalog Changes 2019-2020

The following updates have been made to the 2019-2020 catalog.  This listing is for documentation purposes only.  The official catalog of Seminole State College is the online version published on the College Website. All of the updates listed below are currently published in the online version of the College Catalog.

Section Change/Update Notes
 Student Information  Update Laboratory Fee Range for Career Program and Non Credit Courses June 2019
 Student Information Upate General Admissions verbiage to match Policy 3.020 July 2019
 Student Information Added new Center for Workforce Education and associated plans July 2019
 Student Information Licensure Fee Range removed - Other Fees July 2019
 Student Information Update to Payment of Tuition and Fees July 2019
 Student Information Update additional plans to Center for Workforce Education August 2019
 Student Information Update to Veteran's Services policy August 2019
 Student Information Remove the reference under General Admissions Requirements for Career and Technical Education Programs about the TABE test for the Firefighting Career Certificate as the clock hours have changed. September 2019
 Program Remove the reference about the TABE test under the Firefighting Career Certificate program page. September 2019
 Program Adding/Updated Program Specialization descriptions September 2019
Student Information Updating Placement Testing Charts based on revisions to Rule 6A-10.0315, Florida Administrative Code, Common Placement Testing and Instruction October 2019
 Program Updated Nutritional Sciences Pathway October 2019