Academic Integrity

 Plagiarism and self-plagiarism are unacceptable to the College community. Academic work that is submitted by students is expected to be original and a result of their own thought, research or self-expression. When students borrow ideas, wording or organization from another source, they are expected to acknowledge that fact in an appropriate manner. Inappropriate behavior may include; submitting assignments in a current class that were already submitted in other classes (self-plagiarism).

 Any student who shares their work, including utilizing or posting to online sources, for the purpose of cheating on class assignments or tests or helping another to cheat or plagiarize is subject to the same penalties as the student who commits the act.

When cheating or plagiarism has occurred, instructors may take academic action that ranges from:

  • denial of credit for the assignment
  • a grade of "F" on a specific assignment, examination, or project
  • the assignment of a grade of "F" for the course

Students may be subject to academic sanctions imposed by the faculty member according to his or her academic professional judgment and disciplinary sanctions imposed by the Student Conduct Officer in accord with this procedure such as disciplinary probation, suspension, or dismissal from the college.