Stage Technology College Credit Certificate

There’s more to a theater production than the actors on stage. Without the background players, it’s just people on a stage. Be the behind-the-scenes star by learning design stagecraft, prop fabrication, scenic painting and stage lighting.

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Additional Information

Stage Technology
Type: College Credit Certificate
Major Code: STAGE-CC
CIP: 0650050201

Program Description

Available Course Course Not Offered Summer 2024
This course will explore the dramatic form and structure of a play. Students will read and analyze the script in order to study the playwright's intentions, methods and meanings. The script will be examined as a blueprint for production and performance. This course partially fulfills the writing requirement of S.B.E. 6A-10.030.
This course is an introduction to the methods, tools and materials of scenery construction and stage lighting. Students will receive extensive experience in the theatre scene shop. Additional lab hours will be required.
This course is a study in the development, theory and practice of all areas of technical theatre production.
This course covers practical projects in scenic construction. Students will receive extensive experience in the theatre scene shop.
Theatre Production and Performance is open to all students of the College and is required of all theatre majors and minors. Theatre Production and Performance presents major productions throughout the year. Students gain credit through performing roles and technical work. May be repeated for credit five times.
THE 2925 Theatre Production and Performance must be completed 2 times.
This course is an introduction to the design process as it relates to the theatre. It includes study in design principles, script analysis and stylistic considerations. Students will learn basic skills culminating in conceptualizing and developing a design project.
The course focuses on the practice of understanding and evaluating the creative process, visual demands, fabrication techniques, and custom project logistics for themed environmental design. The course addresses the processes and requirements of the art director/designer for themed environments such as theme park design, film/television production design, retailing/display installations, trade show exhibits, zoo and museum dioramas, restaurants and immersive design, and advanced theatrical stage designs. The course will examine the roles of the client/designer relationship, the designer and the fabricator responsibilities, and the director/producer designer relationship within the themed environment creation process. The course will review standard industry fabrication practices, specialty products and common materials, construction and production techniques. The course will explore research techniques and resources, explore the history of this amazing field of study, and how to read the minds of the client/producer/director.
This course covers study in the techniques of achieving a visual character through the application of stage make-up. The following make-up techniques are covered: straight, corrective, old-age, imaginative (clown and fantasy), three-dimensional (noses, warts, scars, wrinkling) and hair (beards, mustaches, eyebrows, sideburns). Lab fee required.
This course is a continuation of the methods of fundamental stagecraft. Special emphasis on technical drawing and drafting for the stage as well as experience in the scene shop.
Total Credits: 17

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Tuition and Fees$1,253$1,879$2,505$2,923
Books and Supplies$1,000$1,ooo$1,000$1,000

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