TSL4100 ESOL Curriculum, Methods, and Assessment

This course is designed to prepare teacher candidates in knowledge and application of TESOL theories, principles, and current research in the field of ESL/ESOL teaching. Teacher candidates will gain understanding in how to manage and implement a variety of teaching strategies and techniques for developing ELLs’ English listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills as well as adapting core curriculum and instructional resources to the needs of ELLs. Teacher candidates will also study assessment instruments and assessment issues as they affect the learning of ELLs from diverse backgrounds and at varying English proficiency levels. Concurrent field-based school experience required to observe, work with students, and complete projects/assignments related to TSL 4100. This course requires a field experience in a k-12 classroom setting which will coincide with your Pre-Internship Field Experience I placement. This is a companion course to EDE 4941. Hours may vary. Course objectives and assignments are designed to prepare students for the Florida ESOL Endorsement (Domains 3, 4, & 5).

Prerequisite: TSL 4520. Corequisite: EDE 4941 or EEX 3940.

Terms Typically Offered:Fall

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