PTN1948C IV Infusion for Pharmacy Technology

This course will include a study of intravenous delivery of therapy in the hospital setting as well as other therapies to include arterial, epidural and intrathecal. It will focus on patients and their clinical needs, physician treatment plans and collaboration with other healthcare providers. The foundation of infusion therapy will be discussed, including anatomy, physiology, systems for administering parenteral production, reconstituting parenteral medications and infection control, inpatient practice setting, pharmaceutical calculations review, complications of intravenous therapy and mechanism of actions, clinical indications, pharmacokinetics, contraindications and side effects of selected intravenous medications, and IV Admixture of large volume, IV Piggyback and syringe doses, nutritional preparations and preparation of chemotherapeutic agents using proper safety techniques and using the laminar hood. Treatment modalities will include parental fluids and pharmacologic agents. Legal and ethical aspects of infusion practice will also be reviewed. Lab fee required. Students must complete this course with a grade of "C" or higher.

Prerequisites: PTN 1131C, PTN 1131L, ENC 1101, CGS 1060C or CGS 2100C, HSC 1531 with grades of "C" or higher. Corequisite: PTN 1122.

Terms Typically Offered:Fall, Spring

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