PTN1131C Concepts in Pharmacy Practice

This course is equipped to introduce the student to advanced pharmacy practice in the United States, including the function of different nontraditional pharmacies such as long-term care, home health care, home infusion pharmacy, hospice pharmacy, and other specialty pharmacy such as nuclear pharmacy, and veterinary pharmacy. In this course, the administrative aspects, and applications involved in working in these pharmacy setting is covered. Other subjects covered in this course include pharmaceutical care services in advanced pharmacy practices, and laws and policies that apply will be discussed. This course will provide advanced understanding of the pharmacy formulary system, computer applications in drug use control, pharmacy inventory management, and pharmacy management elements. In this course, students practice the techniques and strategies to maximize the medication safety in pharmacy practice. It will allow the student to identify the element of patient profiles and the process of handling medications. It will also provide a strong focus on records management, inventory control, compensation and methods of payment for pharmacy services. This course will introduce a pharmacy software program used in data entry. Also, this course provides the student with federal and state medical and legal consideration in the various pharmacy settings. Students must complete this course with a grade of "C" or higher.

Prerequisite: PTN 1001, PTN 1734 and PTN 1705 with grade of "C" or higher.

Terms Typically Offered:Fall, Summer

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