PSY2012H General Psychology Honors

This is an introductory psychology course with an Honors designation. It intends to survey the scientific study of behavior and mental processes known as psychology. Honors level content. Permission required from Honors director. This course will focus on the major categories identified by the American Psychological Association which are: Biological, Cognitive, Development, Social and Personality, and Mental and Physical Health. These categories will encompass topics such as learning, motivation, emotions, personality, abnormal behavior, treatment and therapy options, and an introduction to research methods. This course partially satisfies the writing requirement of S.B.E. 6A-10.030. Some sections may have service-learning components. Please refer to class notes in schedule of classes for details. This course satisfies the General Education State Core Social Science/History requirement for degree seeking students.

Prerequisites: Acceptance into Honors program. Eligibility to enroll in ENC 1101 OR test scores that indicate ENC 1101 eligibility OR completion of appropriate college developmental courses for ENC 1101 with grades of ā€œCā€ or higher OR completion of EAP coursework for ENC 1101 eligibility with grades of ā€œCā€ or higher.

Terms Typically Offered:Fall

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