PHI2010H Honors Intro to Philosophy I

This course covers fundamental philosophical questions of the human condition including: discussions of existence, identity, ethics, culture, free will, personhood, politics, distributive justice, and much more. Students engage in deep critical thought, analysis of philosophical perspectives including their own, and ultimately gain perspective on how philosophy manifests itself in every aspect of our lived experience. This course partially satisfies the writing requirement of S.B.E. 6A-10.030. Honors level content. Permission required from Honors director. This course satisfies the General Education State Core Humanities requirement.

Prerequisite: Acceptance into Honors program. Corequisite: ENC 1101.

Terms Typically Offered:Fall, Spring, Summer

Aug 21 to Dec 9
Sanford/Lake Mary - 1 class available
In Person  - 1 class available
Traditional face-to-face classes held on campus on set days and times.
713388:00a.m. - 9:15a.m.M W08/21 - 12/09L0213TraylorMore Info
There are no textbooks required for this course.ZTC

There are no textbooks required for this course.ZTC

Room: L0213Professor: Traylor
Hybrid/Reduced On-Campus Time- no classes available
Hybrid classes combine online or remote video instruction with face-to-face classes on campus on specific days and times.
Online  - no classes available
Altamonte Springs  - no classes available
Heathrow  - no classes available
Lee Campus at Oviedo  - no classes available

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