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MAC2311H Honors Analytical Geometry and Calculus I

This is a first course in analytic geometry and the theory and application of calculus. Selected topics include a review of functions, limits and continuity, the derivative, differentiation of algebraic and transcendental functions and their inverses, the Mean Value and Intermediate Value Theorems, extrema and graph sketching, area and the definite integral, anti-differentiation and the Fundamental Theorem of Calculus and integration of transcendental functions and their inverses. The graphing calculator will be used throughout the course. This class satisfies the General Education State Core Mathematics requirement for A.A. degree seeking students.

Prerequisites: Acceptance into Honors program and MAC 1114 and MAC 1140 or MAC 1147 with a grade of "C" or higher or sufficient score on placement test.

Terms Typically Offered: Fall, Spring, Summer
Credits: 5.00

Aug 24 to Dec 12
Online E Learning - 1 class available
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71798------08/24 - 12/12---GabilondoMore Info
MAC2311H Honors Analytical Geometry and Calculus I (71798) Fall 2020

Required Textbook

Calculus Webassign Access

No Cover Art Available

Publisher:Cengage L
Edition:11TH 18
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$125.00 Used
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Other Textbooks

Calculus W/ Webassign

No Cover Art Available

Publisher:Cengage L
Edition:11TH 18
Buy:$325.00 New
$243.75 Used
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Calculus (looseleaf) W/ Webassign

No Cover Art Available

Publisher:Cengage L
Edition:11TH 18
Buy:$171.65 New
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Room: OnlineProfessor: Gabilondo

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Distance Remote Online - no classes available
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