LEO0353 Middle Management

The curriculum for this course is set by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, Criminal Justice Standards and Training Commission.

Terms Typically Offered:Offered as Needed

Full Session
Sanford/Lake Mary - 1 class available
In Person  - 1 class available
Traditional face-to-face classes held on campus on set days and times.
124808:00a.m. - 5:00p.m.M T W TH F01/23 - 01/27PS0160RollinsMore Info
No information about textbooks has been received.

No information about textbooks has been received.

Room: PS0160Professor: Rollins

Middle Management #107 DATE: January 23-27, 2023 HOURS: 8:00am-5:00pm 40 hours Mon-Fri FEE: Trust Fund LOCATION: Seminole State College SLM Campus Center for Public Safety, Room 160 INSTRUCTOR: Heather Capetillo PROGRAM CONTENT: This 40-hour block of instruction provides an understanding of the critical role mid-level managers play in the success of an organization. The focus of this class is to provide new middle managers with the basic skills needed to function in a criminal justice agency. Topics of instruction include responsibilities of middle managers; leadership and decision making; legal issues and ethics; policy making; and fiscal and personnel management. • Students should bring the following materials to the class: Job descriptions for their agency’s first-line supervisors(sergeant) and middle managers (lieutenants, captains & majors); their agency’s organizational chart; their assigned unit/division’s budget; their agency’s policy regarding ethics. Students successfully completing this course may be eligible for salary incentive or mandatory retraining requirements. Enrollment is limited to 30. Seat Priority goes to officers of Seminole County agencies. Contact your training officer for reservations or call Seminole State CJI at 407-708-2187. Both a training authorization and a college registration form are required for registration. Forms can be emailed to Terri Rollins at or faxed to the Seminole State College CJI at 407-322-1309. A complete list of Advanced Training Classes is available online at: Seminole State College Center for Public Safety 100 Weldon Blvd Sanford FL 32772

Hybrid/Reduced On-Campus Time- no classes available
Hybrid classes combine online or remote video instruction with face-to-face classes on campus on specific days and times.
Online  - no classes available
Altamonte Springs  - no classes available
Heathrow  - no classes available
Lee Campus at Oviedo  - no classes available

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