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IDS1185 Self in the 21st Century Society

This course is designed to study how the conventional self created by society, dubbed the social self by sociologists, is not capable of making our 21st century world more peaceful and equitable. In this course we will explore how the social self is formed around society's leading ideas, values and norms - all geared to privilege some groups while disadvantaging others. On the other hand, the course will examine our other self, the spiritual self, the self of our inner being and how its purpose is to transform society into a social environment where everyone can live a life of purpose and dignity. Specifically, in this course, students will explore how the spiritual self has fueled the emergence of a great global shift in consciousness, a fundamental change in our perceptions, core values, beliefs and priorities aimed to rescue and restore the natural, innate moral goodness and goodwill of our human species.

Terms Typically Offered: Fall, Spring
Credits: 3.00

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