EDE4936 Seminar in Elementary Education

This course provides the teacher candidate with an opportunity to examine and explore issues related to the full-time internship in a kindergarten to sixth grade public school setting to demonstrate professional competencies. The seminar-style sessions promote collegial discussion of professional practices (instructional strategies, planning techniques, evaluation procedures, and classroom management skills) while providing a platform for support and encouragement during the transition from teacher candidate to educator. Emphasis is placed on the Florida Educator Accomplished Practices (feaps), professional education competencies (pecs), subject area competencies (sacs), reading competencies, ESOL competences. On-going assessment is conducted by the field coordinator and supervising teacher. To be eligible to enroll in EDE 4946, students must pass all three (3) components of the Florida Teacher Certification Exam. This is a companion course to EDE 4943. Department consent is required.

Prerequisite: EDE 4941. Corequisite: EDE 4943.

Terms Typically Offered:Fall

Full Session

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