BUL2261 International Business Law

This course involves an analysis of International Law and the World's Legal Systems as dynamic, social, and political institutions impacting legal considerations in corporate, government, domestic and foreign business environments. In this course, we will examine the differences in national laws and legal systems through an analysis and comparison of various foreign legal systems. We will also address various aspects of international business law, including but not limited to, resolving international commercial disputes, international sales and commercial transactions, access to foreign markets and regulation of import/export competition and unfair trading. This course is designed to acquaint the students with the general framework of the international legal system, the manager's role in it, and the specific institutions and practices that affect international business. The readings and assignments will assist the students in developing (1) a "comfort zone" with legal language and principles and (2) and ability to timely recognize legal implications in proposed business decisions. Case study will assist the student in developing a rubric for the recognition and proper consideration of the legal aspects of common international business transactions.

Terms Typically Offered:Fall

Aug 21 to Dec 9
Online - 1 class available
Online  - 1 class available
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71989------08/21 - 12/09---SobhaniMore Info
BUL2261 International Business Law (71989) Fall 2023

Required Textbook

Ebk Mindtap Business Law For Schaffer/ A

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