Class Types

Seminole State is offering a number of different learning options so students can progress safely toward their educational goals.


Traditional face-to-face classes held on campus on set days and times.

Masks/cloth face coverings, social distancing and other precautions are required for those who have not been fully vaccinated when inside campus buildings.

Masks are not required when outside, but are recommended for non-vaccinated individuals attending crowded events or activities.

Note that some programs with accreditation or licensing standards or which involve clinical settings may have different mask/face covering requirements.


Learn fully online on your own schedule. You do not need to log in to class at a specific time, but you do need to submit assignments and complete exams as required by your instructor.


Remote classes meet virtually via live video for lectures and discussion. Students attend virtual classes on set days and times.


Hybrid classes combine online or remote video instruction with face-to-face classes on campus on specific days and times.