Job Shadow Program - Student Enrollment Form

The Job Shadow Program provides students the opportunity to explore career paths and options, experience a professional work environment, connect with professionals in their career field of interest, and observe skills and job tasks related to their career field.  The Job Shadow Program is open to all Seminole State College students enrolled in a degree or certificate program at the time of registration.

Students can register for the Job Shadow Program by completing the following form.

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This job shadowing program requires NO program fees from participating students or employer hosts.
It is the student's responsibility to cover the costs of his or her own transportation, food, and lodging (if applicable). Some organizations may require a background check for students job shadowing during the one week period, and students may need to cover this cost as well.
The Seminole State Job Shadow program is strictly a short term job shadowing program. Some employers may seek to utilize this program as a recruiting tool for the purpose of hiring interns or job candidates. The Seminole State Career Center does not collect nor distribute resumes, transcripts, proof of U.S. Citizenship, age or other specific demographic information for this program. If employers participating in the program intend to screen internship or job candidates, any request for documentation of qualifications will be coordinated between the host employer's Human Resources office and the student after a match.
It is expected that both matched students completing their commitment contracts and organizations informed of student matches will honor their commitment for job shadowing.
This is not an internship or co-op, which indicate college credit or pay. By registering for this experience please note that the Career Center's primary goal is to match as many students from all majors and class levels with all available host employers. Students will be self-selecting into job shadowing experiences based solely on the information that employers are providing in their employer host registration form. There is no guarantee of a match.
1. Students completing this online registration form are then enrolled into a free Canvas (online) class. You will receive an invitation to this class via your Seminole State student email.
2. Review all modules and take the MANDATORY QUIZ.
3. On the designated day (see timeline in the Canvas course), and upon completion of the Mandatory Quiz, students will have access to the Job Shadow Experiences List and then can choose and rank their preferred experiences.
4. Ranking is based only on the description and information each registered employer host has provided.
6. Students do NOT receive the company name until after they are preliminary matched.
7. Matched students are encouraged to research the organization with which they have been matched.
8. Once the decision to accept the match is made, the student must complete and submit a commitment contract to the Seminole State Career Center to secure that match.
9. After the commitment contract is completed and submitted, the student(s) will then receive the primary point of contact's information for the organization so they can call the host by phone to clarify details of the schedule and job shadowing logistics (such as parking, attire) prior to the first day.
10. Career Center representatives will not be coordinating details regarding job shadowing/scheduling.
Job Shadowing is a privilege, not a right. Unprofessional indiscretions, during and after the Job Shadow Program, will result in your removal from the program and future programs at the sole discretion of the Career Center staff. This includes instigating rhetoric in Canvas discussion boards or inappropriate comments and language.
Registered students are provided training about expectations and norms of a professional work environment (communication, attendance, appropriate behaviors, etc.) prior to the matching process. If a matched student does not show up for the experience or demonstrates behaviors outside the scope of normal professional standards, the employer host has been instructed to contact a Career Center representative immediately. Students who do not honor their commitment via no show or unprofessional behavior, or cancel their experience once Job Shadow Week commences (with or without notifying the Career Center office) will be terminated from the Job Shadow Program and their Handshake account will be suspended.