Bookstore Staff

Barnes & Noble College is honored for the opportunity to serve Seminole State College as its bookstore partner. We look forward to celebrating and supporting Seminole State's academic community and working to understand the needs of its diverse students, faculty and staff.

Edwin Dominguez

General Manager, Store Manager, Sanford & Lee Campus at Oviedo

Edwin Dominguez has been with Barnes & Noble College since 2015.  Formerly the Textbook Manager at the Sanford/Lake Mary Campus Bookstore, he was promoted to Store Manager at the Altamonte Campus Bookstore. After being the Store Manager there for 3 years, Edwin was promoted to General Manager of all 3 stores.  Originally from New York City, he now proudly calls Orlando home. Edwin has been in the customer service industry for more 20 years. He has much to offer Seminole State College and its bookstores. He is eager to work with the staff and faculty to service the students in the best way possible.  For any bookstore and customer service needs, Edwin and his amazing team can be contacted on Seminole State College's Barnes & Noble website.

Jackie DeRouchie

Store Manager, Altamonte Campus

Jackie comes to Altamonte campus bookstore with more than 10 years of customer service experience.  She has been promoted to store manager after being a supervisor at the Sanford campus bookstore for almost 2 years.  She is more than willing and able to service all students in her new role.  She is an avid reader of anything that piques her curiosity.  Jackie is a local, going to school in our very own Seminole County.  Feel free to ask questions about everything to do with the bookstore.

Her favorite quote: "A man who asks is a fool for five minutes.  A man who never asks is a fool for life" -Chinese Proverb.