The GED® Test

The GED® Test

The GED® test is a four-subject high school equivalency test that measures skills required by high schools and requested by colleges and employers. The four subjects are science, social studies, mathematical reasoning and reasoning through language arts.

After you pass the GED® test, you will receive a diploma (issued by the State of Florida) and an official GED® transcript to apply to college, start training or get a better job.

Ready to take the GED® test?

If you are ready to take the GED® test, you may sign up by visiting the GED Testing Service® website. On the site you will see the current cost of the GED exam, along with available dates and locations for taking the test. 

Do you need to retake the GED® test?

If you have taken all or part of the test previously and passed some sections but failed others, you only need to retake those sections you failed. If your score on any subtest is below 145 after two tries, or if you did not pass three or more subtests, you must either:

  • Take GED® Prep courses and wait at least three months to retest
  • Wait at least six months to retest

Did you already complete the GED® test?

If you have already earned your GED®, all copies of diplomas, transcripts and credentials are available from the GED Testing Service® website.