Assistance for Students Relocating to Central Florida

Additional Resources

Financial Aid Info

If you are a student or federal loan borrower who has been affected by the hurricane and need information about:

  • Aid eligibility
  • In-school status
  • Payments
  • Transferring schools
  • Other related issues

Please visit the Federal Student Aid website.

Seminole State College of Florida welcomes students from Puerto Rico who have been displaced due to Hurricane Maria. You’ve already dealt with enough stress, so Seminole State wants to do our part in helping you get life back to normal. Our dedicated student success specialists are ready to assist you. 

How We Will Help

To support you, Seminole State is offering in-state tuition and extending the transcript deadline to ensure your education remains on track. We offer low-cost tuition – and as one of the most affordable colleges in Central Florida, we can help you achieve your educational goals without the debt. View our tuition costs

In addition, we have book scholarships available, financial aid assistance and academic resources to help you succeed in your new or temporary home.

If you need to be connected to additional community resources, just let us know. We have a great partnership with Heart of Florida United Way through our Destination Graduation program.

How to Apply

  1. Complete the Seminole State College Application for Admission.
  2. Download and complete the Florida Out-of-State Fee Exemption Application, and provide proof of relocation from Puerto Rico. Documentation includes but is not limited to: a driver’s license, ID card, vehicle registration or other documentation that proves relocation to Florida.
  3. If you have previously attended college, complete the steps to enroll for transfer students. If you have never attended college, complete the steps to enroll for first-time-in-college studentsNote: Please complete the Student Information and Non-Florida Residency sections of the Affidavit for Florida Residency.
  4. If you were previously receiving financial aid, please contact the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships at 407.708.2045.

Have Questions?

For application assistance or if you have questions:

Welcome to Central Florida and Seminole State!