2017-18 President Search Committee

Former Trustee

  • Rick Lee
    Former Trustee, Seminole State College
    President, Citizens Bank of Florida
    Chair, President Search Committee

    The Former Trustee member to the Committee shall be the Chair of the Committee and ensure that it operates in accordance with its Charge as more fully set forth below.


  • Wendy Brandon
    Chair, Board of Trustees
    CEO, Central Florida Regional Hospital

Internal Stakeholders

  • Patty Hoenig
    Administrative Assistant III, Human Resources
    Chair, Career Service Employee Council
  • Michael McCurdy
    Instructional Designer, eLearning
    Chair, Professional Employee Council
  • Dr. Lisa Valentino
    Associate Vice President, Academic Services
  • Dee Boyette
    Professor, Mathematics
    President, UFF-Seminole
  • Dr. Kevin Jordan
    Professor, English
    President, Faculty Senate
  • J.C. Carandang
    Professor, School of Academic Foundations
  • Dwight Elliot
    Adjunct Professor, Center for Business, Legal Studies & Entrepreneurship
  • David Duvet
    Seminole State Student
    Student Government Association President, Altamonte Springs Campus

External Stakeholders

  • Robert S. Baker
    Chair, Foundation for Seminole State College
  • Dr. Walt Griffin
    Superintendent, Seminole County Public Schools
  • Pamela Nabors
    President, CareerSource Central Florida
  • Larry Campbell
    President, Seminole State Alumni Association


  • Mercedes Bermejo
    Dean of Students, Altamonte Springs Campus
  • Angel Nater
    Professor/Program Manager, Emergency Medical Services

Ex Officio (non-voting)

  • J. Paul Carland, II, Esq.
    General Counsel
  • Mae Ashby
    Associate Vice President, Human Resources

    The General Counsel shall act as Parliamentarian for the Committee.

Charge to the Search Committee:

  1. The Search Committee shall assist the Board of Trustees (BOT) in seeking qualified candidates for the office of the President and recommend those deemed most qualified to the BOT as per Policy 1.010. The Committee shall perform other tasks and / or assume other duties as may be assigned by the BOT. Further direction shall be provided to the Committee via the BOT’s search consultant.
  2. All business of the Search Committee shall be conducted in the Sunshine and in conjunction with Robert’s Rules of Order.
  3. All members of the Committee shall attend all meetings. The absence of any member from a meeting shall be reported to the BOT.


President Search

Mae Ashby
Associate Vice President, Human Resources

J. Paul Carland II
General Counsel

Media Inquiries

Katherine Henry
Vice President, Marketing and Strategic Communications

Kimberly Allen
Interim Manager, PR Media Relations and Institutional Communications