Waivers of Fees for Full-time Employees Enrolling in Courses (Policy 2.280P)


Authority:F.S. 1001.64; 1009.26FAC 6A-14.054
Date Adopted:07/82 Revised 07/92

The following conditions shall apply to full-time employees who wish to enroll in Seminole State College courses.

  1. A full-time employee must have been employed full-time for at least six (6) months by the College and meet the admission requirements set by the Board.

  2. Full-time employees of the College may register for course(s) without payment of matriculation, late registration scholarship fees and student activity fees as follows:

    Term I - One course

    Term II- One course

    Term III- One course in Term III-A and one course in Term III-B

    Ten-month employees may receive waivers of course fees, scholarship and student activity fees for one course per term while employed or two courses during their off-terms, provided they have been reappointed for the following school year.

    Course enrollment shall be at a maximum of six (6) credit or equivalent hours per term. Term III-A and III-B are considered to be equivalent to one term.

  3. Requests for waivers must be made in advance and forwarded through channels to the appropriate Vice President.

  4. Enrollment in courses by full-time employees shall not conflict with duty hours or interfere with performance of duties.