Overloads - Policy 2.150

Authority: F.S. 1001.64; 1004.65
Date Adopted: 7/82; Rev. 7/92, 12/94, 5/95, 12/04, 05/09


With the approval of the dean, department chairs and directors shall assign overloads for full-time instructors within the following guidelines:

  1. Payment for overloads shall be made only for those student contact hours taught above the assigned full-time load.
  2. Instructors with approved release time hours assigned for non-teaching duties shall have the release time hours counted as a part of the full-time load for overload purposes.
  3. Overloads shall be paid on the basis of part-time contract hour salary. Overloads may be up to 90 student contact hours per full term. In addition, a faculty member may be approved to work with students in Cooperative Education or Directed Individual Studies.
  4. Overload class hours shall not be included in the 37.5 hours required in Policy 2.010.

With the approval of the immediate supervisor, College employees whose normal work assignment is other than teaching, may be assigned to teach courses as an overload during the evening or at a time other than the normal working day. Overloads shall be paid on the basis of appropriate part-time contact hour salary rates. A maximum overload of ninety student contact hours per full term is allowed.

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