Navigate360 Faculty Introduction Guide

Navigate360 links administrators, advisors, deans, faculty, other staff and students in a coordinated care network designed to help proactively manage student success.

A diagram describing how data, a connected network of care, and smart guidance supports the success of students.

The College will collect historical data from across the institution to help inform intervention strategies and to review data. This platform will provide holistic care to all students using cases, alerts, campaigns and care units for coordinated student support. Lastly, the College will empower students to succeed through customized guidance in real-time to help them stay on the right path. 

For Students

Students can log in to Navigate360 via the mobile application or the desktop version. Please note that Academic Planner is best on the desktop version. Navigate Student helps schools support and retain more students by empowering them to achieve critical academic milestones and alerting them to potential roadblocks sooner.

Download the Navigate application on thee apple app store or google play. Link to Navigate website:

Key Student Features

  • Appointments: View availability, drop-in times or request appointments for services.
  • Notifications: Email and/or text message for general communications, to-dos, events, personal reminders and study buddies. 
  • To-Dos: See important tasks and check them off as they are competed. 
  • Holds: See a list of current holds in the Hold Center. Get more information about how to resolve them by reviewing the details. Note that  it can take up to 24 hours to reflect changes if a hold has been resolved.
  • Study Buddies: Identify classmates who are interested in group study and access their contact information directly in the app.
  • Hand Raise: Let your campus know that you are looking for more information or need additional assistance by “raising your hand.”
  • Resources: See a list of important services and locations on campus.
  • Major Explorer: Search for academic programs offered at your school or take the Major Explorer quiz to learn about programs and careers that might be a good fit for you. 
  • Class Schedule: See your course schedule at a glance or get additional details such as meeting time, location or instructor.

Your Faculty Home Page

The Professor Home page is where most faculty users arrive when opening Navigate. It allows users to view key tools that enable them to support student success.

view of the professor homepage with key features indicated

Conversations displays messages, reminders and other communications.

  • The Calendar displays scheduled appointments, events, courses and busy times. The Calendar tab provides staff and faculty with a view of all their scheduled appointments, as well as the ability to synchronize across multiple calendars.
  • The Advanced Search functionality allows for employees to layer a series of filters onto a specific query to customize student searches.
  • A Student List is a static list of students by student ID. You can use Student Lists in a variety of ways, from maintaining a list of students to track over time, sending messages, or Appointment Campaigns directly from the Student List.
  • Reporting is a helpful tool for staff tasked with pulling reports and analytics related to student success programs.
  • Students in My Courses: This will give faculty a quick and straightforward way to see and interact with all the students in their classes. 
  • Quick Links: Provides easy access to unique features within the platform.
  • Progress Reports (Early Alerts): Alerts draw attention to students who may be at risk for a variety of reasonsIf you have been asked to participate in a campaign, you will usually receive email requests to submit feedback on students in your courses. However, you will also be able to fill out Progress Reports directly from the links at the top of the Professor Home page. Clicking on Issue an Alert will direct you to the feedback form. Some examples of current alerts are:
    • Week 1: In Jeopardy of Being Withdrawn (W4)
      • Academic Success Center coaches reach out
    • Concern About Progress
      • Academic Success Center coaches reach out
    • In Jeopardy of Failing Course
      • Assigned Advisor reaches out prior to withdrawal deadline
This is a screenshot of an alert being issued on a student and alert reasons
This is a screenshot of an alert being issued on a student and what class is it for

Sending Messages

The platform provides both email and text messaging for faculty and staff to communicate with students, either individually or en masse. Communicating with students through the platform creates records of those communications, which can be accessible by other staff or faculty on your campus. In addition, it allows for a quick and easy way to communicate with more than one student at once.

Sending an email or text message to more than one student blind copies all students. In other words, the student does not know that the message was sent to more than one student. For both email and text, it looks like the message was sent to them only.

You can send emails or texts to one or more students from Staff/Faculty Home, the student profile, or Advanced Search. Most Action menus throughout the platform also allow for sending emails or texts. See below for screenshots of each of these locations.

a picture of various ways to message students

Student Profile: Overview Tab

The Student Profile shows key details about a student. The Overview is the main tab of the profile. Student Profiles give faculty quick insight into the student information.

Student Goals and Interests were supplied by the student during the enrollment process and captures favorite majors, subject, fields, activities and resources. 

On the right side of the Student Profile, faculty can find additional general information about the student. This can include actions such as:

  • Adding student to a student list
  • Sending a message
  • Issuing an alert on the student
  • Add note
student profile overview


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