The Spring 2013 season is over. Please visit the Intramural Basketball page to find information about the most current league teams and schedule.

If you are interested in participating in intramural basketball, you may visit the Forming a Team page for general information. You also may email Nicholas Bullocks at or call 407-708-2091 for more information.

Spring 2013 Final Standings

Congratulations to Bears (pictured to the right), who beat Top Shottas 75-64 to win the Spring 2013 Seminole State Intramural Basketball Championship! Below are the final team standings, with both the playoffs and regular season taken into consideration.

Below are the final standings of the Spring 2013 basketball season.

RankTeam NameRecord (W-L-T)Games BackNotes
1 Bears 8-0-1 -- Won championship
2 Top Shottas 6-3 2.5 Lost championship game vs. Bears
3 Sandusky's Boys 6-2-1 2.5 Lost semifinal vs. Top Shottas
4 Aquafina 5-4 3.5 Lost semifinal vs. Bears
T5 Swish 4-5 4.5  
T5 Bilbo-B-Baggins 4-5 4.5  
T5 Ballers 4-5 4.5  
8 Money Team 3-6 5.5  
T9 Show Time 2-7 6.5  
T9 Dynamos 2-7 6.5  


Spring 2013 Playoff Schedule

The Spring 2013 season has ended. Below are the results of the playoffs.

DateTimeGameTeams (Winners in Bold)
April 16 4 p.m. Semifinal Top Shottas def. Sandusky's Boys, 47-43
5 p.m. Semifinal Bears def. Aquafina, 81-64
April 17 4 p.m. Championship Bears def. Top Shottas, 75-64