SPD Committee Members

Administration Geoffrey Fortunato Student Services Admin
Faculty - Adult and Continuing Education Cynthia Godby ABE/GED
Faculty - Adult and Continuing Education Vanessa Wynn Adult Education
Faculty - Arts and Sciences Amee Mehta Biological Sciences
Faculty - Arts and Sciences Jennifer Middleton Social Sciences
Faculty - Career and Professional Programs Sandy Keeter Computer Program/Analysis
Faculty - Career and Professional Programs Ellen Orr Business and Legal Studies
Faculty - Collegewide Karen Kaufman Library
Faculty - Collegewide Sharon Moore Emergency Medical Services
Career Service Teresa Balestrieri Recruiting and Admissions
Career Service Michael Miller Physical Sciences
Career Service Cheryl Osberg College Relations and Marketing
Career Service Sheselka Taylor Enrollment Services
Other Professional Nancy Harrison Finance and Budget
Other Professional Charity Lo-Giudice College Relations and Marketing
Ex-Officio Members (Non–Voting)
Equity Coordinator Anita Simpson Human Resources
SPD/Accounting Manager Sandra Lochner Finance and Budget

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