Frequently Asked Questions

?What does financial aid cover?
?Why are there two disbursements for summer loans?
?What's the difference between the first refund date and the date in the disclosure statement?
?When do I receive my financial aid?
?What happens if I have a refund after paying for tuition and books?
?How long can I receive Pell Grants?
?Do I have to be a full-time student to receive financial aid?
?How much financial aid can I expect to receive?
?How do I pay for my books?
?What happens if I receive a Pell Grant and skip a semester?
?How do I appeal a financial aid suspension?
?How do I pay for my classes?
?What happens to my financial aid if I have to withdraw from my classes?
?How long do I have to pay my tuition and fees?
?What are the Standards of Academic Progress for Financial Aid?
?How often do I have to apply for federal aid?
?How do I apply for scholarships?
?A code (CRRNTN1112F) appears on my account. What does it mean?
?I was selected for verification. What does that mean?
?What if I don't qualify for a Federal Pell Grant?
?How much will I be paid through Federal Work-Study?
?What is the Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant (FSEOG)?
?Do I need to sign a new Master Promissory Note every time I receive a Direct Loan?
?When do first-time borrowers receive financial aid?
?How soon should I have my file completed if I plan to start classes in the fall?
?I registered for the Fall Term in June. Why can't I view my tuition and fees?
?Why is my payment due date different from my friend's?
?How do I know when my tuition and fees are due?
?When should I start filling out my financial aid paperwork?
?If I have a Florida Prepaid Account, what do I do?
?I was awarded a Bright Futures Scholarship. What do I need to do to notify Seminole State?
?Are work-study jobs on- or off-campus?
?What is the Student Aid Report (SAR)?
?A hold on my account shows "Grad Check Required." What does that mean?
?What forms do I need to complete for Federal Work-Study?
?Are students in the Distance Learning Program eligible for financial aid?
?What is the difference among grants, loans, scholarships and work-study?
?If I do not qualify for Pell, will I qualify for Federal Work-Study?
?How will I be paid for Federal Work-Study?
?Why do I have to complete exit counseling?
?Once I receive the Student Aid Report, what do I do with it?
?Can I be fired from a Work-Study job?
?What is entrance counseling?
?Are non-U.S. citizens eligible for financial aid?
?Are there grade/academic requirements for Federal Work-Study?
?Why do I have to sign a Master Promissory Note?
?Is Federal Work-Study taxable income?
?Will I receive benefits through my Federal Work-Study job?
?What is the Federal Work-Study Program?
?What is Seminole State's Title IV code number and address?
?What is the Dress Code for Federal Work-Study jobs?
?What if I do not like my Federal Work-Study job or the supervisor?
?Do I report my Federal Work-Study earnings when I apply for federal student aid?
?Will I receive a W-2 Form for my Federal Work-Study income?
?Do I have to be enrolled to participate in the Federal Work-Study Program?
?What is the Work-Study Code of Conduct?

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