The Grants Department's mission is to enhance the effectiveness and impact of Seminole State College's operations and academic programs in support of the College's mission, strategic goals and priorities. 

Our preaward and postaward efforts consider and incorporate various operational, budget and human factors designed to strategically, assertively and intentionally move Seminole State College toward five C’s:

  • Increased Grant Competitiveness
  • Risk-Based Compliance Systems Designed to Protect the College
  • Consistency in Quality and Approach
  • Expanded Communication Processes
  • Internal and External Collaboration

Grants Department activities are designed to maximize the efficient use of resources, working smarter and maximizing strengths to achieve the goals of the Grants Department and the strategic priorities of the College through outcomes such as:

  • Higher Return on Investment
  • Greater Productivity
  • Minimized Risk
  • Increased Internal Capacity
  • Greater Regional and National Positive Visibility

The Grant Planning and Effectiveness Lifecycle (GPEL) integrates critical preaward and postaward processes into a more unified approach that operates within the College’s broader organizational operation.

 Annual Objectives

  • To increase the number of competitive grant proposals submitted compared with the previous fiscal year
  • To achieve a funding rate that is equal to or greater than the funding rate achieved during the previous fiscal year
  • To increase the number, percentage and diversity of competitive grant proposals submitted to federal agencies compared with the previous fiscal year
  • To increase the number of grant concepts in development and submitted in collaboration with the Foundation for Seminole State College

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