Selecting a Major or Career

It is important for students to explore their career options and select a major early in their college career. Seminole State's Academic Advising and Counseling Department offers print, online and in-person resources that will assist students in the decision-making process.

Life and Career Planning Course

SLS 1301C: Life/Career Planning is a three-credit, elective course designed to help students discover who they are and where they want to go. Students will assess their personality, interests, values and skills and use this increased self-awareness to make decisions about their major and future.

Focus areas for this course include:

  • Career tests
  • Values clarification
  • Self-esteem
  • Decision making
  • Site of control
  • Employability skills

Other Resources

Seminole State offers several additional resources that will help students define their career goals. Visit the Career Development Center for more information.

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