Adult High School Admissions Procedures (Procedure 3.0110)

Based on board policy number and Florida Statute:Effective Date:
SCC Rule 3.020 May 6, 1992, Revised 12/95

The primary purpose of the Adult High School program in to assist adults in the acquisition of their high school diploma. The purpose of this procedure is to outline the Adult High School Admissions procedures.


Students seeking admission to the adult high school are required to take a state approved placement test and demonstrate reading skills at the high school level, or be provisionally admitted and enrolled in a reading course.

  1. The purpose of the Adult High School admissions procedure is to define how students are placed in adult high school classes based on reading scores as measured by an Adult High School placement test.
  2. The following is the placement of Adult High School applicants based on reading level.

    Grade Level Placement Recommendation

    1. 9.0 - 12+ The applicant is eligible for admission to the Adult High School.
    2. 7.0 - 8.9 The applicant is eligible for provisional admission to the Adult High School with concurrent enrollment in Reading I.
    3. 4.0 - 6.9 The applicant is eligible for concurrent enrollment in the Adult Basic Education Reading Program and the Adult High School until the reading level is raised to at least 7.0 for high school placement. The student will be accepted provisionally and limited to courses identified by the College.
    4. 0.0 - 3.9 The applicant may be referred to the Counseling and Assessment Center for further evaluation to determine appropriate placement or referral.

      The applicant who cannot be served effectively through the campus ABE Reading Program will be referred to the public school system, if under 21 years of age, or to the outreach ABE Program for Developmentally Disabled.

      Examples of applicant who cannot be served effectively on campus include those defined as educatable mentally handicapped, trainable mentally handicapped, profoundly mentally handicapped, or severely emotionally disturbed.
  3. Students who score below grade level 9.0, but score at least 7.0 must enroll in a reading course to improve the grade level. Students can demonstrate competence in reading by completing the required reading course or successfully testing at the 9.0 grade level. Students placed into reading may enroll in reading for only three attempts.
  4. Students enrolled in the required reading course will be assigned grades based on reading level at the end of the semester.

    1. Successful completion of the reading course with one of the following grades and appropriate course credit:

      A - Excellent
      B - Good
      C - Average
      D - Below Average
    2. Progress in the reading course, but failure to reach the 9.0 level merits an SP-Satisfactory Progress grade and appropriate course credit.
    3. If 9.0 reading is achieved, but the reading course is not completed, a grade of SC-Satisfactory Completion will be awarded with no course credit.
    4. Failure in the course or withdrawal from the course (or is withdrawn from the course by the instructor) will result in grades of

      F - Failure or
      W - Withdrawn
    5. A maximum of 1.0 credit can be earned in reading.
  5. Students who have not successfully completed the required reading course in three attempts may not enroll at the Adult High School. Referral will be made to Adult Basic Education.
  6. Students who feel there are extenuating circumstances which have interfered with successful completion of the required reading course after three attempts, may petition the Admissions and Graduation Committee for re-admission to the Adult High School.

Recommended by President Council Date 12/7/95
Approved: President, Earl S. Weldon Date 1/8/96

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