Adjunct Teaching Faculty Evaluation (Procedure 2.1502)

Based on board policy number and Florida Statute:Effective Date:
1001.64; 1012.855; 1012.81 F.S.; 6A-14.0247 (6) FAC; SCC Rules 1.010; 1.020 11/27/01

The adjunct teaching faculty evaluation process is intended to improve the teaching/learning environment.

  1. Adjunct faculty (instructor of record) teaching courses totaling at least 30 contact hours in a term, will be evaluated either during that term or in the next term in which they teach. In the event that the adjunct faculty member teaches more than one term during an academic year, additional evaluations are not required during that academic year; however, they may be carried out at the supervisor's discretion.
  2. During the term that an adjunct faculty member is to be evaluated, the Student Perception of Instruction form (S.C.C. Form Number 102.2) will be completed by students in each section. These forms will be tabulated by Information Services and compiled in a summary report. The supervisor will receive the student comment sheets collected with the Student Perception of Instruction forms and the summary report. In addition, the supervisor or designee will observe a class session and complete the Adjunct Faculty Observation Form.
  3. The supervisor will complete and sign the evaluation side of the Adjunct Faculty Observation Form. At the end of the semester, the supervisor will give the observation form, a copy of the Student Perception of Instruction summary report and the Student Comment Sheets to the adjunct faculty member. The adjunct faculty member will sign on the back of the Adjunct Faculty Observation Form, write comments if desired, and return it to the supervisor. The supervisor will send the Adjunct Faculty Observation Form along with the summary report of the Student Perception of Instruction sheets to the Human Resources Office for filing in the adjunct faculty member's personnel file.
  4. Experienced adjunct faculty with a record of satisfactory evaluations in the Human Resource Office may be evaluated by the supervisor on a three year cycle, at the discretion of the supervisor. However, the Student Perception of Instruction and the student comment sheets will continue to be collected on an annual basis, sent to the Human Resources Office and to the adjunct instructor as above.
Recommended by Executive Staff Date 11/13/01
Approved: President, E.Ann McGee Date 11/27/01

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