Safety, Sanitation and Inspection of Facilities (Policy 6.060)

Authority: F.S. 1013.38; FAC 6A-2.0010
Date Adopted: 10/04; Rev. 12/04, 05/09, 04/2013
Date of Review: 05/09, 08/11, 03/12, 01/13


It is the policy of the Board that College facilities shall be well-maintained, safe and sanitary at all times.

  1. A comprehensive program of safety and sanitation shall be established to ensure the protection of the occupants of all College facilities.
  2. All College facilities shall be inspected at least once during each fiscal year to determine compliance with standards of sanitation and casualty safety established by State Law or Administrative Rule.
  3. Fire safety inspections shall be made annually of all College facilities by persons certified by the Division of State Fire Marshal to be eligible to conduct fire safety inspections in public educational and ancillary plants. Each fire safety inspection report shall contain a plan of action and schedule for the correction of each deficiency.
  4. Any immediate life-threatening deficiencies noted in an inspection shall be immediately reported to the President. The President shall take action to promptly correct the deficiencies or, if that is impractical, shall withdraw the facility from use until said deficiencies are corrected.

The President or designee shall establish procedures to implement this policy.

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