College Employee Reporting of Fraud (Policy 1.170)

Authority: Florida Statute 1001.64
Date Adopted: 11/00; Rev.: 1/08; 12/04, 09/09


  1. The Office of Administrative Services is responsible for the review of operational functions within all departments of the College to insure compliance with District Board of Trustees Policies and Procedures, State Board of Education Rule and Florida Statutes. Additionally, all levels of management within the College that hold responsibility for managing budgets, grants, or the use of College property are responsible for monitoring compliance to legislative rules, statutes College policies and procedures within their departments. Within the Office of Administrative Services, the internal appraisal function is a review process of operational issues to aid management in the safeguarding of College resources. It is a managerial control activity which measures and evaluates the efficiency and effectiveness of other controls. In addition, this function may investigate allegations of fraud, irregularities, abuse, illegal acts and suspected misconduct of College employees.

  2. The Office of Administrative Services has designated the following positions where any of the specified issues may be reported.

    1. Associate Vice President of Finance and Budget
      100 Weldon Boulevard
      Sanford, Florida 32773-6199

    2. Director, Office of Legal Affairs
      100 Weldon Boulevard
      Sanford, Florida 32773-6199

  3. Employees reporting suspected wrongdoing are protected under Federal and State law from retaliation by management and other employees. Reporting anonymously is also encouraged for reporting but requires sufficient details of wrongdoing to allow investigation.

Allegations are reviewed to determine the probability that the alleged acts could have occurred. This review will be conducted under the direction of the Vice President of Administrative Services/CFO with the knowledge of the President. Investigations will result in referrals to the proper law enforcement agency when evidence suggests that a criminal activity may have occurred or is occurring that warrants a criminal investigation.

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