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Pre#Course Title
*AST1002Introduction to Astronomy
*AST1002LIntroduction to Astronomy Laboratory
*AST2930Selected Studies in Astronomy
*CHM1020Contemporary Chemistry
*CHM1020HHonors Contemporary Chemistry
*CHM1032CFoundations of College Chemistry
*CHM2045CGeneral Chemistry I
*CHM2045CHHonors General Chemistry
*CHM2046CGeneral Chemistry II with Qualitative Analysis
*CHM2046CHGeneral Chemistry II with Qualitative Analysis
*CHM2093Chemistry for Teachers
*CHM2210COrganic Chemistry I
*CHM2211COrganic Chemistry II
*CHM2930Selected Studies in Chemistry
*CHM2941Cooperative Education Internship in Chemistry
*CHM2942Cooperative Education Internship in Chemistry
*CHM2949Cooperative Education Internship in Chemistry
*CHM3080Environmental Chemistry
*EGS2310Engineering Analysis - Statics
*EMA4003Introduction to Materials Science
*ESC1000Introduction to Earth Science
*ESC3704Environmental Issues in Atmospheric and Marine Science
*GLY1000Introduction to Geology
*GLY1030Geology and the Environment
*GLY1101Fossils and the History of Life
*GLY2010CPhysical Geology with Laboratory
*GLY2100CHistorical Geology with Laboratory
*GLY3884Environmental Geology
*ISC1050Interdisciplinary Environmental Studies I
*ISC1051Interdisciplinary Environmental Studies AP
*ISC1052Interdisciplinary Environmental Studies IB
*ISC1932Science Seminar - Research
*ISC1933Science Seminar - Careers
*ISC1937Science Seminar - Environmental
*ISC2930Selected Studies in the Earth Sciences
*MET1010Introduction to Meteorology
*MET1010CIntroduction to Meteorology with Lab
*MET1104Introduction to Climate Studies
*OCB1000Marine Science - Cambridge
*OCE1001Introduction to Oceanography
*OCE1001CIntroduction to Oceanography with Lab
*OCE1001CHHonors Introduction to Oceanography with Lab
*PHY1001LPhysics Laboratory
*PHY1009Introduction to Physics
*PHY1020Conceptual Physics
*PHY1020LConceptual Physics Laboratory
*PHY1053CGeneral Physics I
*PHY1053LGeneral Physics Laboratory
*PHY1054CGeneral Physics II
*PHY1054LGeneral Physics Laboratory
*PHY2014Physics for Teachers
*PHY2048CPhysics with Calculus I
*PHY2048CHHonors Physics with Calculus I
*PHY2048LPhysics with Calculus Laboratory
*PHY2049CPhysics with Calculus II
*PHY2049CHHonors Physics w Calculus II
*PHY2049LPhysics with Calculus Laboratory
*PHY2941Cooperative Education Internship in Physics
*PHY2949Cooperative Education Internship in Physics
*PSC1341Principles of Physical Science I - DSST

Textbook information will be available online for each term's courses 45 days prior to the first day of classes for the term.

Each course offered by Seminole State is listed alphabetically and organized by the course prefix, catalog number and description. The courses in this catalog are identified by prefixes and numbers that were assigned by Florida's Statewide Course Numbering System, a system used by all public postsecondary institutions in Florida and 32 non-public institutions. Seminole State controls the description, credit and content of its own courses.

Physical Science-Related Programs of Study

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