Staff Directory

Kimberly Allen
Communications Coordinator
Phone: 407.708.2272

Carla Berrios
Constituent Events Coordinator
Phone: 407.708.2516

Bernard Brzezinski
Phone: 407.708.2520

Brian Castellanos
Digital Media Editor
Phone: 407.708.2763

Jay Davis
Director, Communications and Media Relations
Phone: 407.708.2418

Brandon Dunnick
Visual Production Manager
Phone: 407.708.2285

Michael Garlich
Associate Vice President, College Relations and Marketing
Phone: 407.708.2442

Joseph Hunter
Communications Specialist
Phone: 407.708.2286

Amy Lavner
Social Media Coordinator
Phone: 407.708.2502

Charity Lo Giudice
Events Coordinator

Josh Miller
Media Production Specialist II
Phone: 407.708.2636

Ken Moore
Lead Media Production Specialist
Phone: 407.708.2160

Cheryl Osberg
Office Manager
Phone: 407.708.2378

Deborah Richard
Director, College and Community Relations
Phone: 407.708.2487
Cell: 407.435.6098

Patience Welch
Digital Graphic Designer
Phone: 407.708.2521

Rob Wert
Interactive Media Designer
Phone: 407.708.2519


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