Information about Visa Application Process

Once you are accepted to Seminole State, you must apply for a student visa.

  1. To apply for a student visa:
    1. Visit the consulate or embassy with the following documents:
      1. SEVIS I-20
      2. SEVIS Fee (I-901) receipt (Instructions)
      3. Valid passport
      4. Financial documents and Seminole State Affidavit of Support
      5. Seminole State Admissions acceptance letter
    2. Complete a student visa application.
    3. Follow the embassy/consulate's procedures. Every American embassy/consulate works under the same set of regulations and laws, but procedures may vary. Some may require an in-person interview, while others will collect the documents and schedule a future appointment. Others still may conduct the entire process by mail. If the visa is approved, the student will be given an F-1 visa stamp on his/her passport.

      Note: The visa is a stamp on the passport that indicates where the visa was issued, the date the visa was issued, the date the visa will expire, the number of entries, the type of visa and the visa number.

    4. When the student collects the passport containing the visa, he/she will also be given a sealed envelope, which contains the SEVIS I-20.
  2. At the Port-of-Entry, the student will present to the immigration officer the following:
    1. Valid passport and visa.
    2. Sealed envelope with the SEVIS I-20.
    3. Any other required information such as financial documents and/or admissions letter.

      Note:For more information, visit "What to Expect at Port-of-Entry."

  3. The immigration officer will:
    1. Return the valid passport and visa with an immigration entry stamp.
    2. Return any other requested information.

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