SEVIS Fee Instructions

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  • Scroll to the bottom of the page, answer "YES" you hold a valid I-20
  • Fill out next page on personal information
  • The form requires the "School Code" which is on your I-20. The code is MIA 214F 00963 000
  • The form requires the SEVIS Identification Number on the I-20. The # is in the upper right hand corner of the I-20 and begins with an N and has 10 digits.
  • Check that the information is correct on the next page.
  • Choose First class mail or expedited delivery. First class mail is recommended because you will print the receipt at the end and this will serve for the U.S. Embassy.
  • The Credit Card Form has a place for Cardholder address. You do not need to fill this in. It is not a required field. The space is too small for most international addresses.
  • Print at least TWO (2) copies of the receipt!

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