Welcome to the Grindle Honors Institute

The Grindle Honors Institute

The Grindle Honors Institute offers programs for students who want to enrich their academic experience and engage in honors activities at Seminole State College of Florida. The Honors Institute aims to help students accomplish these goals by:

  • Providing an advanced curriculum for qualified students.
  • Providing access to cultural events and opportunities that will enhance students' learning and understanding.
  • Encouraging students to volunteer their time and talents to the College as well as the community.
  • Providing scholarship opportunities to qualified students.
  • Advising students about their major, Seminole State's curricula and their options for transferring to a four-year institution.
  • Cultivating students' academic curiosity, creativity, and willingness to embrace challenges and uncertainty.

Student Benefits

  • Challenging curriculum
  • Scholarships
  • Academic travel opportunities
  • Priority scheduling
  • Transfer assistance

Honors Programs

Admission to all Seminole State honors programs is granted on a rolling basis. There is no application deadline.

Honors Diploma Program

Seminole State's Honors Diploma Program is an advanced and specialized curriculum of faculty-created courses used as alternatives to the College's General Education requirements. With its own faculty, courses, scholarships, small class sizes, personalized advising and priority registration, the program is highly regarded among other institutions. After graduating from Seminole State, Honors Diploma students often receive generous scholarship offers from four-year colleges and universities. To earn an Honors Diploma, students must complete at least 23 credits of Honors classes (including IDH 1920 Introduction to Honors and at least one seminar class) and participate in the Leadership Institute Retreat Program sponsored by Student Life.

Honors Certificate Program

Offering benefits similar to those of the Honors Diploma Program, the Honors Certificate Program accommodates academically talented students whose academic focus may require a strict course of study. The program gives these students an opportunity to earn honors status with fewer honors credits. To earn an Honors Certificate, students must complete at least 13 credits of Honors classes, including IDH 1920 Introduction to Honors.

Science Diploma Program

The Science Diploma Program combines eight challenging science and math courses, along with science seminars, to provide students with a diverse educational foundation. The program includes the entry-level courses required for continued study in most math, science, engineering and health fields.

Phi Theta Kappa

Seminole State is host to the Pi Lambda chapter of Phi Theta Kappa, an international scholastic honor society for two-year colleges. Pi Lambda stands for scholarship, leadership, fellowship and service. Membership is granted to students with a 3.5 GPA or higher who demonstrate honor and service to others.

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