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Find everything you're looking for with a quality, affordable education at your State College, Seminole State College of Florida! At Seminole State, you can choose from 198 college degrees, certificates and programs, including five bachelor's degrees.

Here's an overview of what's available.

Bachelor's Diploma

Bachelor's Degrees

  • Our degrees are four-year courses of study that prepare students for advancement within specific work force sectors.
  • You can choose from five bachelor's degrees at Seminole State.
  • You begin taking upper-division courses as a junior. 
  • Tracks are available for associate and bachelor's degree graduates.
  • Learn more about Seminole State's Bachelor's Degree Programs.
A.A. Diploma

Associate in Arts (A.A) Degree

  • We offer a two-year course of study designed for students who plan to transfer to a four-year college or university.
  • The curriculum matches what you'd take as a freshman and sophomore, so you can transfer as a junior at the four-year college or university of your choice.
  • You are guaranteed admission to one of Florida's state universities.
  • You can choose hassle-free transfer to the University of Central Florida with DirectConnect to UCF.
  • You can prepare for transfer with prerequisite courses for 91 university majors. 
  • Learn more about Seminole State's A.A. Degree Programs.
A.S. Diploma

Associate in Science Degrees (A.S.)

  • Our degrees provide the knowledge and skills to prepare you for immediate employment in some of the fastest-growing careers in Florida.
  • You can earn a degree in as little as two years.
  • You can apply credits toward a four-year degree at Seminole State or transfer to the University of Central Florida.
  • You can choose from 23 A.S. degrees.
  • Learn more about Seminole State's A.S. Degree Programs.
C.C. Certificate

Career Certificate Programs

  • Coursework blends classroom instruction and practical, real-world training.
  • Certificates offer a fast-track approach to a new career or a way to specialize in an existing career.
  • You can earn a certificate in as little as one semester.
  • You can apply credits toward a two- or four-year degree.
  • You can choose from 76 certificate options.
  • Learn more about Seminole State's career certificate programs. 

To learn more about all of Seminole State's 198 college degrees and programs, check out the College's Degrees of Success.

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