Documenting the Presence of a Disability

To receive services through Disability Support Services (DSS), all students must submit appropriate documentation of a disability. Students with sensory, physical or other health impairments must provide written documentation in the form of medical reports or a letter from a physician detailing the disability. Documentation should contain professionally recommended academic accommodations. Such documentation must be provided, even if the condition is temporary (e.g. broken leg, dislocated shoulder).

Students with specific learning disabilities (SLD) and/or ADD/ADHD must provide current documentation of the diagnosis.

Confidentiality of records is required by law and maintained within Disability Support Services. DSS may only disclose the specific nature of a student's disability upon written release from that student.

Guidelines and Forms

The following guidelines and forms are to be used for documenting a disability and/or releasing confidential information.

Documentation Guidelines and Requirements

Release Forms

All DSS services are provided at no expense to the student and are based upon the individual student's needs. The responsibility for determining a student's eligibility for services rests with the DSS staff.

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